Course Description:

Welcome to the comprehensive training program designed to empower procuring entities with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively utilize the Public Procurement Information Portal (PPIP) system. This course is tailored to equip participants with practical expertise in navigating and leveraging the functionalities of the PPIP system to enhance procurement processes and transparency.

Course Objectives:

  • System Orientation: Gain a thorough understanding of the PPIP system's architecture, purpose, and features tailored for procuring entities.

  • Module 1: User Registration and Profile Setup

    • Learn how to register as a user on the PPIP system.
    • Set up and customize your profile according to organizational requirements.
  • Module 2: Procurement Planning

    • Explore the process of creating and managing procurement plans within the PPIP system.
    • Understand how to align procurement activities with organizational objectives.
  • Module 3: Tender Management

    • Master the end-to-end tendering process, from creating tender notices to bid evaluation and award.
    • Learn how to upload tender documents, issue clarifications, and manage bidder communications.
  • Module 4: Supplier Management

    • Develop skills in supplier registration and prequalification processes using the PPIP system.
    • Explore supplier database management, including verification and updating supplier profiles.
  • Module 5: Contract Management

    • Discover how to manage contract documents, amendments, and performance evaluations within the PPIP system.
    • Monitor contract milestones, compliance, and reporting.
  • Module 6: Document Management and Reporting

    • Learn effective document management techniques, including document upload, storage, and retrieval.
    • Generate standard and customized reports to track procurement activities and performance metrics.
  • Module 7: Ethics and Compliance

    • Understand the ethical considerations and compliance requirements embedded within the PPIP system.
    • Explore features that promote transparency, fairness, and accountability in procurement processes.

Course Structure:

This course is structured into detailed modules, each focusing on specific aspects of the PPIP system relevant to procuring entities. Participants will engage in interactive tutorials, demonstrations, and practical exercises to deepen their understanding and proficiency in utilizing the system effectively.

Delivery Method:

The course will be delivered through a combination of self-paced online modules accessible via the Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) and live instructor-led sessions for hands-on practice and Q&A sessions.

Who Should Enroll:

This course is essential for procurement officers, administrators, and personnel responsible for managing procurement processes within organizations utilizing the PPIP system. Participants should have basic computer literacy and a foundational understanding of procurement principles.


Upon successful completion of the course and assessments, participants will receive a certificate of proficiency in PPIP system usage, validating their expertise and readiness to optimize procurement operations within their organizations.

Join us on this transformative learning journey to unlock the full potential of the PPIP system and enhance your organization's procurement efficiency and transparency. Enroll now and empower yourself with essential skills to excel in procurement management using cutting-edge technology.